All the features you need in a subway app, while remaining easy to use. It's the perfect balance between comprehensiveness and comprehensibility.

The best New York Subway app currently available

The sharpest map

No other app has a version of the NYC subway map that's sharper than ours. We know being able to read the darn thing is the first priority.

Get directions

Need to know how to get where you're going? No problem. We'll give you directions from station to station.

Train times

We all know the MTA isn't reliable, but just in case they're on time, we provide you with the MTA's best guess as to when a train will get there.

The features you need. The simplicity you want.

SUBWAY:NYC gives you everything you need to navigate New York's subway – and more.

Interactive map

Zoom in. Zoom out. Tap on a station to view more information.

Save your favorite stops

Keep your favorite stations in one place for easy access.

Get directions

Find your way from one station to another.

Nearest station

New York can be confusing. Finding the closest subway station to you shouldn't be.

Download today to start using these features and so many more!

The New York subway has never been easier to navigate.

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